Q1: What are the requirements to apply for the XPLORER PRIZE?
A1: The applicant is not more than 45 years old as of January 1 in the application year and has obtained the highest academic degree in their major. The applicant is engaged in full-time scientific research on the Chinese mainland and shall be recommended by three peer experts at or above the full professor level.
Q2: What does it mean “not more than 45 years old”?
A2: The applicant is at or below 45 years old as of January 1 in the application year. For example, to apply for the prize in 2019, the applicant must have been born after January 1, 1973.
Q3: The applicant is engaged in full-time scientific research work on the Chinese mainland. Does this mean there is no requirement about nationality?
A3: Yes.
Q4: How to apply for XPLORER PRIZE?
A4: There are two channels– nomination and individual application. The nomination shall be initiated by a nominator invited by the award organizer who provides the Secretariat with the nominee’s basic information and the reasons for nomination as well as contact information for two additional experts who have agreed to recommend the applicant. The Secretariat shall notify the nominee by email to submit application materials. In the individual application channel, the applicant can log in to the XPLORER PRIZE official website, submit the materials required and also provide contact information for three experts who have agreed to recommend the applicant.
Q5: What materials are needed for application?
A5: They include basic information such as personal data, education background, research and work experience and academic achievements, as well as the important part - a research plan for the following five years. The applicant needs to list academic achievements including papers and books published, invention patents and academic honors. Some materials need to be submitted in both Chinese and English, so it’s better to start preparations early. You can also log in to the website and click “Apply Now” to get more information.
Q6: What are the deadlines for nomination and application? When the results will be announced?
A6: The nominator needs to complete the nomination before March 15. The nominee, applicant and referrer need to submit required materials before April 15. The award will be announced in September.
Q7: Who are nominators?
A7: Upon recommendation of several academic organizations, the Secretariat has formed a nominators database of experts and scholars from research institutions, universities and high-tech companies. They come from different research areas and are broadly representative so they can make nominations of young science and technology talents.The database shall not be made public.
Q8: Can I ask for more than three people to recommend me? The more recommendation letters, the better?
A8: The system only accepts information from three people who decide to recommend the applicant. You can’t have more than three people.
Q9: Is it necessary to apply again when an applicant gets a new nomination after already submitting the application?
A9: The applicant’s email will receive a nomination number after getting nominated again. The applicant can supply this number in the application system and doesn’t need to re-apply. When nominated many times, the applicant can simply supply the nomination number in the system again and again.
Q10: Will materials submitted separately in the nomination and application stages be regarded differently in the final review?
A10: No.
Q11: Can the nominee and applicant access the recommendation letter?
A11: No.
Q12: Can young science and technology talents at companies apply for the award?
A12: The award is open to all young science and technology talents at universities, companies and research institutes.
Q13: How many people will receive awards in each field? Will some awards be vacant?
A13: The number of award-winners depends on the review process. We prefer quality over quantity, and there will be no lower limit on the number of award-winners in each field.
Q14: Will the use of grant by award-winners be made public?
A14: No. The fund is to support S&T research and relieve stress in life.
Q15: Will the award-winner be obliged to make big S&T breakthroughs in five years?
A15: There’s no requirement on this. Recipients need to provide an annual research progress report to the Assessment Committee. The award adheres to the nature of public interest and does not seek commercial returns.
Q16: I’m not ready this year. Can I apply for the award next year?
A16: Yes. This is a long-term project. There will be no more than 50 award winners each year.